i'm abbie cornall

I'm a small-town English country girl, virtual assistant, photographer, podcaster and educator.

I left my corporate windowless office at the age of 35 and within just 12 months I had created a 6-figure business working from home.

I now champion and educate other hard working women just like you how to do the same regardless of age or background.  I believe that if I can do it then anyone can.

I love to spend my days sipping tea and sharing my secrets with the world.

Whether you are a female entrepreneur and you need some assistance with your business or whether you want to learn all of my secrets, I am really happy to get to know you my friend.


I started university life at Lancaster University in the UK writing poetry, reading and playing the Flute, painting watercolours, drawing and singing; but then as I moved through life and went on to study Law, all the creativity and the arts sort of got sucked out of me and I gradually just somehow lost myself.

I found myself at the age of 35 in a windowless city office trying desperately to hit impossible targets, working later and later trying to succeed and not seeing my kids more and more and I had a breakdown! 



I didn't always have this business: the world-class clients, the courses, the sales... In fact, just 5 years ago I was worked to the bone in a windowless corporate office. 


it's hard for me to share this with you. i was used to getting all the top grades - all the a-stars; but the truth is, i got so overwhelmed and overworked that i had a total breakdown.



At the age of 35, my parents were old-school and had taught me just to "get on with it."  I didn't even know what a breakdown was until then but it came on me all of a sudden.  My legal targets were getting harder and harder to achieve as my employers were themselves squeezed and squeezed by their respective clients.  I tried my best to keep up with the pace.  I worked late till 9pm and often later, I took work home, I even worked into the early hours of the morning but I was never thanked.  Never once.
My two daughters hardly saw me and I constantly missed parent meetings and school events.  I failed to wash their school uniforms in time or do their schoolwork with them, make their lunch or pack their bag properly.  I felt that every day, I was just about getting through the day and falling into bed.  I was existing and not living and I was absolutely MISERABLE.  This was a time when I had qualified in my legal exams, I finally had my "top notch legal career" and should have been the best time of my life yet I was drowning with the demands pulling me as a modern-day working mother in every single direction.  And so I literally hit ROCK BOTTOM.

After the death of my beloved grandmother, I found myself in the local hospital suffering from a total breakdown and I was also diagnosed with an anxiety condition.



The great thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way to go after that and that is UP, UP, UP!



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I love nothing more than getting the chance to connect with female entrepreneurs. Whether you require a top class virtual assistant or whether you want to learn more about becoming a VA, lets connect! - no strings - no hard sell.  I promise!

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